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Welcome to our extraordinary community of extraordinary students, faculty, and staff.  Here, you will find important information that will help transition and familiarize yourself with what is expected.


  • Montserrado County

  • Yekepa, Nimba County

  • Grand Cape Mount (Bendu) County

  •  U.S. location (stay tune for upate)


  1. Check with school adviser(s) to make sure that your information is accurate and on file when registering for classes.  You will be able to

      complete the application form onsite or return it by the deadline date provided.  We will not accept applications after the deadline date.  A

      Photo ID picture can be taken during Registration or during Orientation.

  2. Transcripts are required to be turned into our office if you have attended a previous school at anytime.


  3. Immunization forms will be provided at the time of registration which must be filled out and signed by a doctor that has been

      recommended through our Center.  It must be turned in no later than your Orientation date. You will not be allowed to start

     classes without proper immunization form(s).  There are no exceptions.  We have to minimize any health risk to others.

  4. Be prepared to have your photo ID taken at the time of Orientation. You must have your photo ID present at all times.  No

      information will be released and or accepted without proper ID -- this allows us to track students as well as give students  of

     responsibility.   NO ID SHARING AT ANY TIME or student will be immediately expelled.


  5. Kindergarten students -  will not be required to have Meal cards.​


  6. Students in 1st - 9th grade or vocational workshop, will be provided Meal cards at time of orientation.​

  7. Students with Special needs accommodations - please advise our staff either during Registration, but no later than the Orientation date.  


  8.  For any additional questions or concerns - our Staff and Counselors are always on hand to assist.​ 


Things you would need:​
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