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We use our programs as an indicator to scale and identify educational & behavioral deficiencies while creating  a learning environment that provides longevity by using these measures but not limited to:

  • Training teachers to be “highly qualified"| skilled| effective| and caring while closing the educational gaps.​​


  • Develop opportunities | expand educational growth for local students and extended communities.


  • Increase Educational Learning achievements for all | prepare students to be critical thinkers.​


  • Recruit, train, support |target the poor/rural areas | get locals involved in the building process.​

  • Introduce technology-driven concepts | Research training and Development | Mathematical manipulative concepts.


  • Comply with Policies| Regulations and |Budgetary process manuals.


Promoting a new mind-set and a new way of thinking for our youths. Self- cultivation should be the  purpose of education.

We have had the priviledge of working with many wonderful and talented children.  One of the things that concern us most, are children who live in poverty and are not given an opportunity for healthy education. The ratio for these classes are 45 students, to on instructor.

           Thomas Eggley, Principle


Teachers continue to be dedicated to the 'education' movement and safety of our children. There will be no human rights if we do not have global participation. Let us all work towards protecting and advancing basic human rights for ALL children.  

Students have classes in ruin buildings with very little ventilation or non at all. Rooms are at least 100 degrees plus. Most start their day by 5am doing chores, no time or money to eat and having to stay hungry all day, share  limited supplies -- yet, there's intense eagerness to learn.!




Our instructors continue to cultivate and convey that education must be a process exibited to empower and guide youths towards developing their passion, independence, and a willingess to make wise decisions.  Other key factors are:


1) To integrate youths back into society where they too can become a part of an economic growth process and individuals that learn to foster civility and respect for others.

2) Youths will have the opportunity to live in an positive environment while learning skills that encourages advanced educational studies, career goals and financial stability. ​

Liberia -


Teachers salary -  $100 a month 

One bag of rice is - $60 a month

Transportation is - $20 a month


         Balance left -  $20 a month​


As you can see, there's not much left that one can do with $20 for the remainder of the month.  Instructors are forced to either borrow from friends and relatives, or in most situation, the family must eat less 'rice' than your normal portion size, in order for it to last them through the next pay period.


the clock is ticking



Having a commitment is one of the most important outcomes that we could have as a global community. Education is essential in alleviated poverty as well as absolutely essential for job creation and self-sustainability -- both citizens and country will benefit.  This is why we've started 'Teacher's Bucket' -- a financial assistance program of $25 or more a month that gives each intructor the insentive and motivation to continue preparing our kids for the future.

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