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 ~Donate Technology ~

We put technology to Work

WHY IS TECHNOLOGY SO IMPORTANT: Technology is everywhere and we use it in almost every aspect of our lives. It affects how we conduct business, socialize with others on FaceBook, Skype, Google etc.  Technology is dictates how we shop, how children play, communicate and how we learn. Technology has dominated our culture and lifestyle not just from town-to-town, but globally as well.  It is imparative that all schools/students have access to Technology Learning in order for them to be properly prepared in this 'New Wave' of everday living.  Unfortunately, not all schools and or students have access to a computer and hence, it will cause a stumbling block in the future for our children.


GIVING AWAY TECHNOLOGY TODAY, WILL HELP A CHILD TOMORROW - we graciously accept Computers, IPADS, Printers, Copiers etc.



WHY DOES YOUR OLD STUFF, BECOME NEW STUFF Many of our children have never seen or touched a computer much less understand the term Technology.  Not withstanding, they understand the world is changing around them, yet lacking the opportunity to learn and experience the reasons for such change.  All of our kids have either been homeless, orphaned, starving, sold to prostitution at an early age and or live in poverty whiles others, have experienced it all.


HOW WILL YOUR GIFT-GIVING BE MANAGED - Educating children is our passion and they deserve a chance. Our goal is to promote dialogue and facilitate innovative projects by helping to transform education throught the world. Students need to be digitally/technically engaged; to span their horizons with curiosity and to become life-long learners. They will be introduced to the concepts of Technology, be able to get hands-on experience as well as incorporating STEM program.  Giving children a space to imagine a New day, and a New world outside of poverty!


WHAT WE WILL DO WITH YOUR GIFT-GIVING - We set up shop for computer lab going through Questions & Answers worksheet so that students can understand the operational aspects of the computer.  Early childhood activities and other academic software program(s), will be used.  Kids will learn the safety aspect as well as the benefits -- the overall objective is to make children grow into responsible citizens no matter thier background our locatlity. Learing should be fun, so we make our kids SMILE :-)



The MOUSE empowers       The TECHNOLOGY connects       The LESSON validates 




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