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  • Direct observation in school setting​

  • Collaborate with teachers on tasks​

  • Develop techniques to communicate​

  • Assist with program modification​

  • Provide resources for school staff​


Classroom observation is relevant to not only maintaining a professional school setting, but also making sure that both teachers and students are prepared to deal with the expected functions of a Learning Center on a daily basis.  School observation also presents an opportunity to see teachers perform real-life situations in the class room with his/her students. 

 School Observation
 Educational Service & Learning Difficulties (LDs)

Children that fall into this category will be monitored by one of our therapist to critique a child's ability to play, school performance, and  activities which will be compared and determined as to what is developmentally appropriate for a particular age group.

A child's early years are the foundation and key to their development and readiness for lifelong learning.  Children that have disabilities, must have appropriate quality interventions that assists with their continued learning and overall development.  In some cases, the sooner a child's disability is identified/address, the sooner one can overcome some of these challenges.

  • Pervasive Developmental Disorders

  • Gross and Fine Motor Delays

  • Developmental Delays

  • Coordination & Balance Problems

  • Attention & Concentration Problems

  • Learning Problems

 Occupational Therapy
  • Monitor Meals

  • Food & Nutritional Guidelines

  • Fact sheets, fliers, and lessons help prepare students for a new way of being healthier

  • Assessment & Evaluation

  • AD/HD- Learning Difficulties

  • Cognitive Testing

  • Classroom Visits

 Family Planning -- Promoting Teen Abstinence

Federal law states that an eligible abstinence education program, is one that has its specific purpose(s) in thereby, teaching the social, physiological, and health gains that can be recognized by abstaining from sexual activity.   A woman’s ability to choose if and when she wants to become pregnant will considerably have an impact on her health and overall well-being. The 'Changing Lives' program is sharing information on how to reduce the risk of HIV and other sexually transmitted disease, We want young women to be prepared and involved in making positive choices about their sexual and reproductive health -- keeping the safe while give the confidence that know that it is okay to say No to SEX.


World Health Organization said that 'an estimated 222 million women in developing countries would like to delay or stop childbearing but are not using any method of contraception'.


Family planning reinforces people’s rights in helping women to determine the number of children they may want and when is the best time for them. Women can then feel confident in being able to seek out education, career and have a sense of financial stability.  Proper planning leads to better parenting.  Let's Talk ---- Can those in poverty afford birth control?

 Wellness & Nutrition

Wellness & Nutritional programs are very important in promoting student wellness, preventing and reducing diseases, combating problems such as physical and pshycological that can be associated with poor nutrition and providing assurance that school meals meet our nutritional and health guidelines.

'Changing Lives' program 

Healing the Mind-Body-Soul

FREE programs

In war torn countries as well as 'poverty' stricken neighborhoods, it is expected that you find great divastation.  Sadly, the after effect trikle's down to those children who suffer silently from Emotional and Psychologic Trauma (EPT). Liberia's fourteen year civil war ended in 2003. The pain lives on in the hearts and mind of Liberia's citizens.  Thousands never been counseled through such trauma -- death of loved ones, rape, abuse, torture, displacement etc.  Children who were forced to be 'child soldiers' are now adults and continue to be left unexamined and helpless. Read more about the 'war'          .  We find that children living in 'poverty' and disfunctional homes, carry similar emotional traits.  Our therapists provide guidance and information through our 'Changing Lives' program to ensure that we meet the needs of each child.  Children who already exibits or is at risk of Speech and Language Disabilities, Anger Management, Depression, Low Self Esteem and Youths that don't practice abstinence, will be supported through a rigorous Learning Couseling Program.  Every child deserves an opportunity to learn, achieve and grow successfully.  We enocurage our youths to aim high, become Leaders for Life and Learners of Life while at the same time, claiming self-worth so that they are able to adapt and perform as positive citizens within their communities/countries. 


 Therapy Services & Child Counseling

Staff is available to meet with parents, children and or caregivers to discuss families unique concerns. Our Mind-Body-Soul (MBS) program is tailored to meet specific needs of an individual/ family situation.  MBS programs are designed to give support to those traumatized by providing specific tools and strategies for coping with short-term and long-term phycological disabilities.

  •  Child Counseling

  •  Family Counseling

  •  Coping & Adjusments

  •  Anger Management

  •  Family Planning for teens

 Speech & Language 
  • Communication Difficulties

  • Problems with pronounciation or constructing a sentence

  • Lacks the ability to understand certain words  or instructions 

  • Difficulty articulating their thoughts/ideas

Our therapists are specialized in identifying students with speech, language and communication difficulties. Speech & Language Therapy provides a wide and extensive range of needs for those individuals who lack proper communication/ speech skills.



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