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MONROVIA - Liberia's capital

MONROVIA - Liberia's capital

FIND OUT SOMETHING ABOUT LIBERIA'S HISTORY - learn how Liberia and the U.S. are connected

Liberia's National Athem

​The Constitution of Liberia is the supreme law of the Republic of Liberia. The current constitution, which came into force on 6 January 1986, replaced the Liberian Constitution of 1847, which had been in force since the independence of Liberia. Much like the 1847 Constitution, the Constitution creates a system of government heavily modeled on the Federal Government of the United States.


1. Liberia was founded in 1822  ​  2. Liberia means 'land of the free'   3. Monrovia (Capital), named after U.S. President James Monroe    4. Independence - 7/26/1847   5. Presidents from U.S. (10)  6. Presidents from Barbados (2)​

7. Presidents from Liberia (11) - *one appt. held for 1 mos-N/A  8. Flag - 11 stripes, 1 star (modeled after U.S.) 

9. Constitution - 1/06/1986.

WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO - ​​"Liberia is a country that became devasted from its fourteen year civil war and more recently, the Ebola Virus(2014-2015) which ultimately brought the country to its knees. The people of Liberia have lost so much and yet, there continues to be Hope; their Spirit have not been shaken as they continue to build and for country still reigns!

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